Mujo is developing a range of orthopaedic rehabilitation stations based on patented moving axis cam technology that allows complex joints to be trained over their full range of motion in a safe, measurable environment. The technology will help patients re-build their strength after injury or post-surgery, or to prevent the likelihood of injury in commonly damaged and problematic body areas.

Built-in sensors on the equipment collect real-time exercise data which is sent to electronic patient records.  This allows for remote patient monitoring and objective assessment of compliance. Real-time graphical guidance is also provided to compare actual vs. prescribed exercise movement.

MuJo is currently running a clinical feasibility study funded by Innovate UK, working with leading clinical and academic partners, including the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital (RNOH) and the University of Manchester.

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McBride CQ is the Quality Unit for MuJo




Ace Healths new product openFIT (open Feedback Informed Treatment) is a patient engagement tool for measurement of patient satisfaction and progress in treatment for mental health and behavioral health service providers.

openFIT integrates into almost any Electronic Healthcare Record, Case Management systems or eMental Health application.

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McBrideCQ is the Quality Unit for openFIT





Oncoassist is a iOS application for Oncology professionals that gives access to formulas, prognostic tools and adjuvant decision support tools in the hands of the User. These tools aid Oncologists to make decisions at the patient’s bedside to give post-operative prognosis and proportional risk reduction associated with chemotherapy to allow the doctor and patient to gain benefits.

OncoAssist is the 1st Irish and 3rd European app to gain the CE Mark as a Medical Device. McBride CQ is the Quality Unit for OncoAssist.

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Medopad® solution connects healthcare professionals to their patient information via mobile devices. Users can immediately access the patient’s clinical notes, laboratory results, medical images and patient information. Medopad also provides access to a wide range of 3rd party clinical applications. The Medopad mobile health operating system mHOS™ securely connects doctors and nurses with patient information.

Medopad is the first patient data management application to gain the CE Mark as a Medical Device. McBride CQ is the Quality Unit for Medopad.

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Moletest is a dermatological differential diagnostic aid that improves screening of suspect lesions through deployment of a mobile application that allows the input of patient-specific images to beevaluated using imaging processing.

Moletest is about to embark on a nationwide clinical trial in Scotland.

McBride CQ is the Quality Unit for Moletest.